tool time?

the only reason there’s a “?” in the title is because i’ve started writing this at (checks clock) 9:36am on friday…

…as in yesterday.

the date of the tool concert in san antonio.

i bought one of the coveted tickets to the show the day they went on sale. it looked like it might be harrowing as when i logged in there were almost 2,500 people ahead of me but that line chewed down quickly and within seven minutes i’d found a single floor seat since the UFC had no interest in going.

the first draft of this post had the phrase “i scored one of the coveted…” but for what i paid i’m not sure if i “scored”. granted it’s a shitload closer to the stage, but it’s more expensive than my ticket to see the rolling stones. that being said they were selling for more. a shit ton more. but as eBay has taught me, it’s not what people are ASKING FOR that matters, but what people are PAYING.

this was an excellent example of that.

at the time tickets in my part of the floor were going for over a grand. i waited till the beginning of october and set mine up at $888, a steal compared to others in my section. within a week they were down to an even stack for the most part, some as low as $900, so i marked mine down to the halloween-themed $666 and let it ride till this week, the week of the show, and dropped till $399.99. almost all the seats up in my section have been pulled off sale, but i assume didn’t actually sell since mine still sits? at this point it’s 10:26am the day of the show – i’m assuming i’m going. if that changes, look for an update. in reality this show also costs me cost of parking, a shirt (assuming there’s a cool one to be had), and the tips i miss tonight…so it’s a pricey evening that, for a while there, i thought might turn profitable. but i do get to see tool AND killing joke, so that’s win/win!

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