it’s dark and hell is it hot

we’ve had a large project going on around here lately…

…it takes up the whole backyard!

it is, in fact the whole backyard, actually.

a while back i did a bit about getting burned. not emotionally, but quite literally.

well, we had that monster tiller because we were tearing up the whole backyard to plant grass seed. the ufc decided she was tired of dirt and mud and weeds so we tilled it all, she lay down grass seed, and tons of top soil meant to cultivate grass seed in the summer heat with minimal rain.

“minimal” being the word to focus on. but we got less than that. usually we get about 2.5″ of rain in august, but this time we got less than half an inch. and temperatures consistently were about four degrees higher than usual. we watered twice a day, and extra moisturizing soil was added in. lots of it. the ufc and i have separate bank accounts and this in one of those times this is a VERY good thing – i don’t EVEN wanna know how much she’s sunk into this project. i know i’ve spent tons of time watering and the bills are starting to show it. i also paid for that fucking tiller that burned my hand. but i know that NONE of that compares to what she’s sunk into it, for less than ten percent of our yard, so far, to sprout grass.

i couldn’t figure out why life, in general, has felt odd, but i’ve realized, slowly but surely, that it’s the damn weather. when we started this project back in july we’d do the evening watering starting around 8:30 or so, finishing up in about twenty minutes, and the daylight would be all but gone by then. it’d still be so hot you’d sweat it out, and it would be dark by nine. but the other night i went out there when we got home from meeting all of the boy’s teachers this year and i went out and did it around 7:30 or so. i barely beat the dusk shadows – without the porch lights i’d have been fucked…and it was still hot as fuck. how are we late enough that dusk is an hour early and i still sweat if i just stand there? that’s what’s throwing me off – the temperatures and the time aren’t syncing up, really.

yes, the whole backyard diatribe was just to set up how sweating in the dark while watering is fucking with my system. at least, on clearance due to the summer (supposedly) being behind us, i got a new hose nozzle that does the job rather thoroughly in under twenty minutes now.

and they say climate change is bullshit…

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