fuck is fourth now?

the other day i watched the comedy central roast of alec baldwin…

…which i highly recommend, even if you’re not a big baldwin fan. shit, i actually recommend it even MORE if you’re not a big baldwin fan, which i am not. it was really funny. i learned a while back if there’s something you wanna see like that, and it’s on comedy central, record it after midnight. i left a roast on once when we were at the shop late and noticed that they ran explicit content warnings before it; and sure as you’re born, the fucks were left in. all of em. so were dick and pussy jokes. and shit, but that’s made it onto the daily show and other basic cable prime time fodder. i guess the south park episode that debuted the word those years ago broke the ground it needed to – now there’s shit everywhere…

…in more than one sense of the word.

but i’ve noticed there’s three words that shall not pass. standards and practices ain’t having it. you can say “fuck” and talk about how bruce jenner becoming kaitlyn jenner just shows nobody in that house wants a white dick, but you gotta avoid the f.n.c. stuff.

that being “faggot”, “nigger”, and “cunt”. you probably have to avoid “retard”, too.

so “fuck” now ranks fourth or fifth on the scale? that’s good to know – while i have no problem using any of the above mentioned words as i just consider words noises you make with your mouth i use “fuck” the most. it’s nice to see it becoming more socially acceptable. don’t get me wrong – it won’t stop me from using the others, but it’s nice to know that my all time fave shouldn’t get me nearly as many sideways glances as it used to. sometimes societal evolution is cool!

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