there ought to be a law (and now there is – you’re welcome!)

the ufc thinks this is just a coincidence…

…but i know better.

so a few new laws go into effect in tejas tomorrow. some have gotten plenty of press (to buy anything smoking or vaping related you have to now be twenty-one, not eighteen) and some have gotten zero press (the surcharges for tickets are going away, and if you send unsolicited dick pics it’s now a crime).

one of the bigger ones (up there with the smoking one) i’d like to feel i had a hand in. a few months ago i did a long overdue bit on a shadow box i wanted in my house pointed out the ludicrous way we texans could carry guns legally, albeit with a permit, but couldn’t carry butterfly knives, switchblades, brass knuckles, or blackjacks. i own all of the above; and while i can legally carry one of these:

i can not, in fact, legally carry one of these:

but all of that changes TOMORROW! both knuckles and blackjacks join the list of legally concealable weaponry we texans get to have at our disposal – and the senate vote that sent the bill to the governor’s desk just happened to be two days after my bit was posted.

coincidence? hey – whatever you have to tell yourself!

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