we’re too big for this shit!

the texas fbi office said it best…

“they’re here every two weeks”

he’s speaking of the feds, that come down to help locals when the real shit goes down. lately, they’re here every two weeks. the el paso shooting was different for me. while i did a bit about it, i had no “personal” tie. most texas tragedies can be connected to me in fewer links than me and kevin bacon’s film career, all the way back to the rifle and ammo for the clock tower shooting that started it all being purchased only a few blocks from the tattoo shop where i now work (it was a store actually dead center between our old and new locations).

the first two austin mail bombings were sent to the neighbor of one of our former piercers and a friend of the ufc’s best work chum. and now the midland / odessa shooting, where the guy half way through his rampage shot a mail carrier and took her van…

…which he was later killed in. the red circle shows her lifeless body where she was shot. the black circle is the next house on her route, which is my buddy andy’s parents house (their neighbors sent the pic).

so why the fuck does this all keep happening where i have a personal connection? i don’t know THAT many people, and this is fucking texas – we’re bigger than france! come down here and we’ll even sell you a bumper sticker that tells you so!

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