hell hath no fury…

you gotta give it to the christians…

…when they are committed to a cause, they are fucking COMMITTED.

recently 20,000 christian fundamentalist folks signed a petition and sent it to netflix demanding they remove the new series good omens because it makes satanism look “normal” and “socially acceptable” and is “a denial of good and evil” and to top it off, god is voiced by a WOMAN.

the blasphemy!

i admit, even before the “controversy” we had seen trailers for this show, even in theaters, and decided we needed to check it out. we still haven’t, because it’s one of those rare shows where all three of us wanted to see it and the boy is usually videogaming while we watch tv. this week he gets to make a choice, because now i wanna see what all the fuss is about. it looked good before but now the ultra-religious are protesting it? this has gotta happen!

netflix overwhelmingly agreed to never make another episode of good omens.

it was a pretty easy decision for em – since they’d never made a single episode in the first place. good omens is actually an amazon prime show. to show how even corporate folks can be fun and snarky, right after the news broke amazon posted to their official twitter, “hey @netflix, we’ll cancel stranger things if you cancel good omens!”

(for all who live in a cave, stranger things is an actual netflix show)

no news on whether or not the petition was redirected or if they were too busy trying to pray the gay away from the new queer eye… for them to notice.

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