some things never change (a flashback)

of course, now i avoid strip clubs for a whole different reason…

…i’m too well aware that i am old enough to be the father of all the talent. and that kills it for me.

but hit four positive notes for me:

1. it filled a spot where there was no bit “exactly [this many] years old today
2. it put another month on the list that was missing in the archives
3. it was posted on my thirty-fifth birthday
4. it shows that even then i could make a bit about pretty much nothing

a side note – it makes it out to be like my birthday was super lame, but we actually went to vegas right after this…

keep the party going?
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that’s how i ended the entry yesterday, right?

let me tell you how that’s going for me…

actually, let me put it to you like this:

when you are thumping a bottle of glue in the office depot, clearly you are beating one REALLY dead fucking horse, right?

yesterday was the family portion of things where we went to thredgill’s and ate with the family. that went aiiiight, i suppose – and then it was off for “lapdances o’plenty”.

except my lap remained empty – and with good reason.

yesterday i entered into a realm i had never ventured into before – the weekend day shift. it is a strange land. a foreign land. but i will tell you the one thing it is not – an attractive land.

ya see, the night shift at a strip club they have to bring their “a” game – that’s where the money is. kinda gotta do it on the weekday shifts as well, ’cause business men and such go in for lunch (like i’m supposed to do today) and so you have to make sure they are happy with what they see – if your club is no more of a turn-on then the office, why would they go out to lunch there?

but at four in the afternoon on a sunday? as long as she’s female and breathing, i guess they’ll do.

just not for me.

we hit two different places in the quest for something that might qualify as lapdanceable to no avail. shit, at the second place the girls on stage didn’t even make for a decent CLOTHED waitress, let alone a stripper. so, we called it quits by seven so i could haul ass down to san marcos and i could pick up a buzzcocks cd i ordered and we could grab dinner…

…at least that went well.

today alex is laid up sick and i’m cruising into town solo, so tonight will probably not happen since, from where i stand, the only thing more pathetic than NOT doing anything on your actual birthday is going out and doing it alone. we’ll see how i feel after i get out of the office.

happy monday, everyone!

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