schlittaburger bail out

all good things must come to an end…

…and in this case it was the texas family based ownership of two texas based landmarks.

in the same week both whataburger (a texas based burger chain founded in corpus christi) and schlitterbahn (a texas based water park chain founded in new braunfels) were both bought up by foreign (i.e. out of texas) companies when nobody really knew they were even for sale.

the water park thing wasn’t a huge surprise as there’s been a lawsuit or two lately where one involved decapitation. as in somebody LITERALLY lost their shit on a water slide. once that kind of reputation is built the “hey ma, watch this!” factor becomes a bit too real.

not like it’ll slow business here – that happened at the one in kansas. we texans are way too proud to let kansas issues effect our stupidity. plus, the one in new braunfels is a national treasure, damn it!

but then there was whataburger, which if you grew up in texas, and particularly if you’ve ever been shitfaced at three in the morning, is iconic as they’re good, fresh, fast, and open twenty-four hours. even on xmas. i’ve tested that last one more than once. a chicago based firm purchased the company recently and while they insist all will remain the same time will have to tell on that shit. i don’t think chicago folk realize what the texas version of “normal” is…

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