queso no go

while i don’t like the subject of this bit, i am DAMN proud of the title i came up with…

…some times it’s the little things, ya know?

a while back i perfected my queso recipe. to those of you outside of texas (or the southwest in general) this doesn’t mean shit. hell, you probably didn’t even pronounce the word properly when you read it.

it’s “KAY-so”, by the way.

i had the ratios down, the ingredients down, and we all packed on a pound or two eating copious amounts of its cheesy goodness during cold snaps. it’s a great fresh home from work or school thing to come home to. hot melty cheese and tortilla chips. but not just cheese – cheese with stuff in it. peppers and tomatoes and spices…oh my! it’s a downright magical thing the first time you try it and to some of us is just liquid gold.

and then they stopped making my cheese base. fucking seriously.

so now what do i do?

velveeta makes a yellow version but i always liked the store brand better for both price AND taste, honestly. and we did one time try just getting their white cheese (which they still make) and adding diced jalapeños to it but it just wasn’t the same.

i guess it’s time to try and make it the same – nothing else is gonna come close.

this sucks – why did they have to get rid of my shit?

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