hopefully all will bee cool

i’ll warn you up front, the title is not the only “bee pun” in this bit…

…that being said, i feel any more than three is BEE-neath me.

(see, and that’s two outta three already out of my system!)

so several hundred bucks and one charming couple later (two if you count us) we are on our way to being “bee free”. i say “on our way” because these are bees, not pokémon, so they don’t catch em all. we’ll get to that in a sec, right after some thermal pics:

the blue rectangle here shows all the bees that came out when he did this:

(note that above the head of keith from keith’s bee service you see SEVERAL honeycombs, most of which were full, saturated, and two to three square feet in size)

and then there was…

this is the pic that spooked the family, because the “hot spot” is all the bees that were in the ceiling over the boy’s headboard where he swears he heard buzzing at night…and i don’t doubt it. but remember how i said you can’t catch em all? yeah, we got left with this:

a volleyball sized ball o’ bees in the tree that i still need to take apart (but haven’t been able to due to what was left being in such close proximity to the hive). we’re told they’ll disperse within a week or so and that will bee that!

(see – last one in the last line!)

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