drugs & kids – no need to shout about it! (a flashback)

so sue me…

…even years ago i was against big pharma. and this is just funny!

(and no, there wasn’t any “exactly old” bit we could do today)

10/29/2007: “teach ’em young”
you have to love how email and text have effected the way we all think…

…and the messages it ends up sending.

we all know that when you want to emphasize something in this day and age ALL we have to do is CAPITALIZE it. it’s the bold or italics of the text message world. hell, i use it on here ’cause it’s a hell of a lot easier than having to actually change to bold or whatever. but an iowa school district celebrated “red ribbon week” (which apparently is some sort of national anti-drug campaign) with a bit of a mixed signal.

or maybe it wasn’t so mixed.

the new york based company making the red ribbon rubber bracelets (try saying that three times really fast) had to halt production and trash the ones they had already made (if any of my new york readers can get me some i will sell them on here, minus one for myself, and donate the proceeds to any charity of your choice) because the bracelets which were supposed to read “i’ve got better things to do than drugs” ended up reading “i’ve got BETTER things to DO than DRUGS“. and while the company didn’t notice, neither did school officials, who gleefully handed them out to a large group of iowa grade school kids.

their parents, however, did notice.

the new bracelet will be in ALL caps to avoid confusion…but talk about mixed messages; in this day and age where school districts say you should put your kids on ADD meds and anti-depressants and all that other mess, do they really have a leg to stand on with their intended message? i think the one that came out makes more sense considering we basically tell them “don’t do drugs, unless they’re the drugs we endorse”.

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