the shadow box that never was

recently i read an article about how nunchucks might soon be legalized in arizona…

…they must be so proud. everybody should be allowed their inalienable right to strike themselves in the nuts and nose mere milliseconds apart. i mean, if hunting antelope with armor piercing exploding tip bullets is in the constitution the clause about ninja weaponry just HAS to be in there somewhere as well, doesn’t it?

several years before i started writing (which was 2002) texas passed it’s concealed carry law (that was 1995). at the time i decided i was gonna create a “shadow box of illegality” that would hang somewhere prominent in my home. while it never came to pass, this is what it was supposed to look like:

four items, somehow illegal in a state where we could carry a pistol. it just didn’t seem right for fair. it could be argued that a gun seems more than just the purpose of hurting, maiming, or killing another human being, whereas all these things are made SPECIFICALLY for that purpose.

but i don’t know many folks that go “glock hunting”, except in the sense of the phrase where they are hunting for a particular model glock and are unable to find it. you’re just ignorant if you try and pretend any pistols carried by any texan aren’t there to hurt somebody. i know mine are. but these things hurt as well, they’re just not as lethal…or as legal.

i acquired all four things here (got the knuckles online, a smith & wesson vintage police blackjack on eBay, had a friend give me an italian switchblade, and famously got the butterfly knife at a truck stop in odessa, texas)

although some shit has changed since. now it would look like this:

i sat here staring at a black screen trying to think what to put it. there’s no such thing as an “illegal blade” in texas anymore, in the since that you can now openly carry a fucking samuarai sword here now. but knuckles are still so illegal that the one blade you CAN’T carry is a “trench knife”, which is basically knuckles with a blade attached. and black jacks still fall under the same law that bans clubs, nightsticks, and batons – blunt objects meant just to cave in somebody’s skull…’cause that could leave em brain damaged and dangerous or brain damaged and draining at society’s resources…and that’s mean. just shoot ’em – that’s the texas way!

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