it’s a chainsaw party – who could ask for more?

i should clarify something for my few friends that read this site…

when i posted about the “chainsaw party” at my place on tuesday i wasn’t kidding…but i also didn’t expect anybody to show up. i know my friends, my friendships, and their limitations. it got done, but because it was me solo and we had those days where it was nice in the morning but ball sweat hot and humid in the afternoon i only worked a couple hours each day so i took three days.

that being said, what i hauled up to the curb solo across two hours took three city guys forty-five minutes with a dump truck and a backhoe to get gone. day two and three were lumped together in one big pile that were disappeared while i ran errands, so i was away from the house for a couple hours and i have no idea how many men and machines it took – but as there were multiple logs that were over twelve inches in diameter that weighed almost a hundred pounds each i’m sure it took a bit.

regardless, all THAT project is done. some smallish branches get chopped tomorrow just to make mowing under some trees tomorrow easier, than it’s on to the last of the big pieces of the tree on the house…

…y’all sure you want me to have ALL this fun alone?

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