suck it sorta saturday

the only reason there’s a “sorta” in the title is because they balanced all four of my new wheels at a fair price…

…but then they noticed my wipers leaving streaks, probably due to the pollening that’s occurring in texas right now, so they recommended replacing them. i’ve done this myself, so i declined, but they still send you a pdf so that if you DO decide to go with them, you know what you’re gonna pay. that’s nice…unless the bill looks like THIS:

that’s right, kids – over a hundred and fifty-five FUCKING dollars to replace two wiper blades. and notice that most of it isn’t tied up in that pricey mechanic labor charge. oh no, that’s only six bucks. considering it’s a tool-free, nut and bolt and screw free job and the mounting clips always come WITH the fucking blades i’m not sure where the forty-two cents in “shop supplies” is going.

but the bulk of it is in the blades – which i had to figure where rare, perhaps a hard to find collectable or forged from 14K gold and dodo egg shell and rubber made from rendered whale meat fat? but nope, you can get em on amazon! and while i expect amazon to be a wee bit cheaper than a brick and mortar, they were considerably less:

so, um, yeah…there’s that. they are literally less than a THIRD of the price quoted. and now they keep hounding me to take their survey. fuck me, i picked a shitty month to take off booze…

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