and it rears it’s ugly head again

i can’t remember when my “modern” back injury occurred…

…but one thing it will always do – RE-occur. again and again.

now, i can tell i keep it at bay for large chunks of time. how do i know? icy hot. it’s what i tend to rely on for temporary pain relief. nine times out of ten when i grab the icy hot i am NOT trying to grab the icy hot. i’m trying to grab the aquaphor. i have lost track of how many times i have almost smeared icy hot on a healing tattoo. in hindsight i should REALLY not keep it on the counter when my back isn’t acting up.

to my credit i’ve never actually put it on a healing tattoo – and i don’t EVEN wanna know what it would feel like!

but every time i’ve reached for the icy hot because i’ve really needed it i find that the tube’s expired. i’ve still used it in a pinch, but i typically find it’s not as effective and i end up buying a new tube the next day. the ufc says that’s a sign this isn’t a very common occurrence, that the tubes have a chance to expire before they’re needed. for superstition purposes i purposely dug out a tube at the pharmacy today that doesn’t expire till january of 2021…and hopefully it will expire before it’s needed because…um..yeah. this has kinda thrown a monkey wrench into my day!

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