been a while, so…

i’m on vacation next week…

…and no, that doesn’t mean you’ll be subjected to a week of flashbacks.

okay, maybe you will.

i’m taking on multiple projects of late. between now and when we split i wanna…

1. get all the fonts loaded on this notebook my previous one had
2. figure out mr. grey’s coolant leak
3. have all the bits, new or not, loaded for my absence
4. swap all passwords and ringtones to the new iphone xr
5. set the osbook (the notebook i’m setting up for the boy) working properly
6. try not to lose my mind

number six will probably be the toughest. at least this site seems to be coming along nicely. big props to kramer for the assist and forcing me to update the wordpress theme (if you’re not sure what that exactly means you’re not alone – i don’t either!)

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  • kramerw Mar 10, 2019 @ 17:44

    You’re too funny! How can you lose something you never had?

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