oklafuckinhoma has it’s amusing, entertaining side (a flashback)

it might have one…

…but clearly i didn’t see it on this trip! shit, at least i scored cheap cigars!

03/08/2002: “livin’ on tulsa time, part ii”

so, unlike my previous trip to tulsa, this time i was trying to set the alarm clock SOBER, which made for a much more accurate morning, time wise. it went off twice, courtesy of the snooze button. here’s what i heard on the radio (which, unfortunately, i had NOT bothered to set before i crawled in bed the night before):

(spoken): “well, all i know is, i sneak up on it so i can shoot it, and i’m amazed it didn’t run, but it turned out it was already dead and frozen stiff”

WHAM…i hit snooze, think of the snow piles as high as my rental suv in the parking lot, and drift off. nine minutes later, a moment of song….

“well, i love the lord jesus, and i know that he loves me….”

WHAM…snooze again, followed by OFF. lord jesus and killing things? welcome to tulsa; the hubcap sized, rodeo-style belt buckle of the bible belt. home of oral roberts university. a place with more churches than people. with the exception of the whole “curvy latina in the catholic school girl’s outfit” fantasy, i haven’t had a lot of religion in my life lately. sue me. i SO do not belong in tulsa.

a brief “continental” breakfast (i.e. juice and muffins) at the hotel, and a not-so-brief stint at driller’s stadium setting up systems, it was off to the rib crib and back on the road. many hours later, and even MORE mobile phone minutes, i was hopping off the indian nation turnpike, and stopped for a frapuccino, which helps me on car trips (which i’ll need tomorrow, too…off to dallas for a show and such…does it show i’m old if plan “a” is a quiet dinner with someone special, and since that can’t happen, plan “b” is a free rob zombie show? but i digress…) i stopped; and found i was across from WAYNE’S. and it’s wednesday now. TOPLESS wednesday. scary; time to run…frapuccino will have to come from somewhere else…

then, i found it. the deal of the century on tobacco. i went in to find cheap cigarettes for kathi and randy, but the discount wasn’t that good. but what i DID find, was cohiba. not cuban ones, but cohiba none the less. the kind that go for around $10 a piece. and i got a box of twenty-five. for $60. that’s SIXTY….twenty-five for the price of SIX…see sean do the happy dance.

off to dallas to get randy and some REAL driving aids…frozen, no salt, no lime…and away we go….oddly enough, i was tired enough to where most of the trip was a blur…but i was back in austin by 1:30am…do i know how to party or what? got back to my car that i stashed at kramer’s , and got the hell back to L-town; in a bigger hurry than i meant to be…the SUV doesn’t have as much get-up-and-go off the line as the malibu, so i accidentally took off from the trailer so quick, the lawn elf had to duck gravel. the sunflower windmill wasn’t so lucky, though…i actually took a petal off of it. does anyone know where i can find one of them?

curious if the sequel is just a lame version of the original? i put the part i entry in the archives for ya!

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