save the daylight for yo mama, ’cause i ain’t havin’ it!

okay, so it doesn’t rhyme like the “…mama” statement, but you get the idea…

…’cause this is bullshit!

i just got done resetting all the big wall clocks (i haven’t even STARTED on the watches yet) and i was wondering as i pondered the sore fingers from resetting em all…why? why the fuck do i do this? i remember hearing when i was a kid it was due to the whole “…farmer…” thing but a couple things stick in my head:

1. we are NO LONGER an agrarian society.
2. while i’m proud i spelled “agrarian” properly first try, what farmer gave a flying pig fuck if he started his day at 6am or 5am depending on when daylight hit?!? didn’t they trust cocks over clocks when it came to waking up?!?

note to self: see if a gay brunch joint called “cocks over clocks” would be a good investment

anywho, a peak behind the curtain – this is being written on monday, at (checks time ’cause daylight doesn’t help right now) 7:39pm and both the ufc and i feel confused about how late it is in the day for her since she goes to bed at nine. why are we suffering for this bullshit that makes ZERO FUCKING SENSE?

enquiring minds wanna know!

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