nervous, bmw style (dos)

so, some fun (and not so fun) new twists on all things bmw in our house right now…

black betty
2011 535i sedan

so, i did my homework – i cleaned the MAP sensor, tested her, still got the light. so i cleaned my k&n filter and oiled it, and still got the light. this is the light:

so i swapped out the k&n for the factory air intake since she has to look all stock for a warranty repair, and that might (in my guy’s opinion) be the problem anyway. when i took off the whole kit i noticed the tube was caved in on the bottom edge:

which i feel like i woulda seen if it was that way when i did the filter, but maybe not? or did i do it when i reinstalled the filter recently? regardless, the light persists even with all things factory so now we have to arranage a warranty repair in the next month. the warranty was for 30,000 miles and cost me almost two large – and now i’ve got less than 4,000 miles left till i hit the mark. hell, at least i’m getting to use the damn thing!

mr. grey
2001 330ci convertible

i told the guys if they could fix his top for $500 or less, go for it, and if not CALL ME BEFORE YOU PROCEED. they proceeded to the tune of $800, so we’re in some negotiations to swap new parts for used parts, etc, etc. he’s stuck up there for now, but i have to get him going soon so i can drive him in the fall cool weather AND have something to drive during betty’s aforementioned warranty work.

and the new surprise:

2015 x1 SUV

repeated stink made me suspect an oil leak, and the a look at home confirmed it – with less than 50,000 miles on a three year old SUV. well, shit. and no warranty on this one…

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