what a difference twenty-five years makes

as i’ve previously stated, i’m a bit too addicted to my satellite radio…

…but it’s really nice to have a way to catch new music i haven’t heard again.

that being said, i can remember being in college, hearing A track (as in singular) and then finding out you couldn’t buy it on single for whatever reason, and buying the whole tape only to find out that one track was their one moment of brilliance and the rest of the album sucked. now you’re out ten bucks for a single.

not cool.

it’s part of the reason that “by the track” shit iTunes started doing went over so well – now we could buy that one track we’d heard on the radio or in that movie or whatever and not waste fifteen bucks on the “soon to sell it back to the record store used” CD.

but now we have streaming services, which is all the cooler.

back to satellite – i listen to a show josh wink does on saturday mornings and he bragged about a new “slammin'” track on his label, and mentioned it was available through all streaming services. i looked it up on apple music and dropped it into my library. last night i finally got to listen to it, and it was anything but “slammin'”. on top of that, it wasn’t a single, but a full e.p., so it would have been more than a buck or two to pick up, even digitally. but instead i downloaded it, listened to it, wasn’t a fan, and deleted it out of my library. no more issue, no shit that sits on my shelf collecting dust, and no out of pocket cost! i could get used to this!

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