if a tree falls on your house and you’re not home does it make a sound?

i don’t know…

…because my ass was at home last week when this happened:

what these pics don’t do justice to is this tree is about forty to fifty feet and just came down thursday – i made a video moments after it happened but it appears to be too large to upload. at one point a branch caught me across the head ripping out one of the plugs in my ears (which are no longer made) and somehow i found it in the treepocalypse that is my roof right now. most of the leafy parts you see here were taken off the tree and dropped in under an hour, then it took just over an hour to cut them to a city approved length and get them to the curb. then while i was eating leftover pizza the city happened to come by (they do it once a month if you don’t call em, today just happened to be my day) and hauled it all away.

tomorrow we start on the big stuff – and get a lot closer to the bees. we’ll see how that all works out!

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