if i knew then what i know now (a throwback)

this should have taught me to back up my own shit…

…which i do now, but i didn’t then. comments included ’cause it makes it weirder. shoulda known by this that i needed to back up, but i didn’t – and five and a half years later (march of 2008) it all disappeared pretty much for good. we’re still rebuilding the archives, but it ain’t easy and it’ll never be complete. until then, we’ll keep some throwbacks and flashbacks going every week!

09/27/2002: “well, fuck”

so, i DID do an entry for thursday. i did. i swear. and the damn server gobbled it. strange shit…i even condensed the “voices…” one down, and it DITCHED the new one (all about people in miata’s almost taking it in the ass and people i want to stab in the foot with a soldering iron) and the one tonight was gonna include the phrase, “and then i slipped by banana burrito into her mouth”, but i’m spooked…what if it LOOKS like this one posts, and i take it prison-style again? so, this will have to do for now, and if you get some time over the weekend, check back for new shit. i DON’T have to work acl on saturday or sunday (though i do have to work other shows, just not all day saturday) so i’ll have some time to do new stuff…till then, just give the screen the finger for eating my shit. hey, at least it SWALLOWED, right?

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wow…now that is REALLY weird…

sean (now, CLEARLY spooked) said @ 09/27/2002 12:30 PM GMT

Hey, I read yesterday’s entry. Must’ve ate it after 7:30 my time.

redhead said @ 09/27/2002 11:34 AM GMT

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