we salute our reptilian overlords! (only kidding)

there are several conspiracy sites in the united states…

…and the denver airport is one of the biggest – both in ridiculous theories AND square footage (i mean, after all, it’s a fucking airport!). the way they’ve chosen to decorate this hub of international travel doesn’t help things:

(actual statue outside)

(actual mural inside)

and their involvement doesn’t help things, either:

(also note the “new world airport commission” being credited right below the masonic symbol)

but what’s nice is the people that run this place get it. they know about the theories. and they wanna fuck with those people while they renovate (this is going on as i type this):

and they wanna fuck with them a lot:

and personally, i think that’s awesome. now if only i had a reason to FLY to denver!

(i DO have a reason to go to colorado, but i’d have to drive so i had a trunk to put someone in…don’t get me started!)

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