polling on the ufc’s birthday (a flashback – although it is seriously her birthday)

i think this was how my biggest reader poll started…

09/21/2002: “pick a number”

so, here was the deal…after a stressful week, with plenty of technical nightmares at work, and sleep problems due to dental issues and mental issues and basically as many different kinds of issues as one would find in the periodicals rack of a barnes & noble, i needed some relief. and the best kind of relief comes in one of three ways for me:

1. fucking
2. cigars
3. booze
4. sleep

three of the four are easy to accomplish; and in this world, three out of four will get you in the playoffs. so i did the pat riley math and did what i could (though the perfect four point o is always the way to go…just like college, but much more fun, and without those pesky loan payments).

it was during the quest that a discussion took place…and some questions were raised. i won’t say where or when or with who all this happened (’cause bob said he would kill me) but a few familiar faces were in the room…josh, nate, mike t who runs our phone room and still suffers from p.o.s.d. (post oppression stress disorder) just to name a few. and we had an issue i want my readers to vote on…

pube length.


while in the seventies both a northern AND southern ‘fro were popular, now a days the corn rows have given way to the landing strip, or the happy heart, or my preferred, “lickably smooth”. we discussed it on both men and women (just to keep it fair) and playboy centerfolds were downloaded and rated accordingly (found a site where you can see them all from marilyn on and all you have to do is put in month and year…EVERYONE in the room, both male and female, now knows what the playmate from their birth month looks like.) so, rate on my brethren (and sistern) what’s your preferred? into the post-oral flossing or slippery when wet? or a happy grey area (preferably NOT gray-haired, i’ll assume…just used as a reference point). hook me up. let me know. we’ll keep this up for about a week. and i’ll try and get that link for the centerfolds so you can all see your birthday playmate.

just pick a number between 1 and 10…1 being bald as birth, and ten being braid-able. drop the number in the comment section, and put an “M” or “F” next to it for whether you mean that for guys or girls…feel free to vote on either or both. you like it shaved clean, mousseably sheen, or somewhere in between? drop a number in the comments section and let’s see where we average…

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I don’t mess with chicas. So no answer there hun. 3 or lower on guys. I don’t mind the hair as long as I don’t get lost in a jungle.

Angel said @ 09/24/2002 11:30 PM GMT

for the sake of your sanity (and our family) i reserve commentary.
next time ask a survey that you’ll let me answer.

kathi said @ 09/23/2002 06:09 PM GMT

oh no, you don;’t know what you’re missing. that girls’ hair should be long enough to do dreads. “hippie chicks” rock on.

dreads said @ 09/23/2002 09:16 AM GMT

1-3 for girlies (sorry bob!); 4 or less for guys. (less is definitely better, though; mainly, it’s a cleanliness/odor thing? maybe that’s just me…)

elle said @ 09/22/2002 11:17 PM GMT

1 on males…. I even prefer myself being a 1, its always very sensual to wear silky “panties” (come on Sean, give a little chuckle!!) when I am shaved smooth. The shorter the pubes the hornier I am!

chick said @ 09/22/2002 04:55 AM GMT

1 for females. i go down for eating, not for flossing.

josh said @ 09/22/2002 03:35 AM GMT

(i left the comments in for a change on the re-post just ’cause they were part of the fun!)

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