tool time again (a flashback)

it should be noted that in looking up this bit i looked at the ones before and after it…

…and discovered that while i was at this show copper was at the vet as i had picked her up the morning of and dropped her for overnight observation, worming, etc. ah, memories.

07/27/2002: “the other half”

junior and i hit the tool show tonight; and by that, i mean the BAND tool, not some trade show or something…already hit wal-mart, got the drill i was going on about…we’re all good. i was kinda upset with tool when they came through and played sa instead of austin last fall when i KNOW they like austin better; and tonight they proved it with incredible stage presence, maynard actually stepping up to where he could be seen (and getting damn near naked, but never mind that now) and an awesome set list…plus a wall of sound that left me REALLY regretting that i didn’t take ear plugs?

why does that car alarm keep going non-stop? oh wait…that’s just the noise in my head….

this was my chance to see how the other half lives…that sizeable chunk of the population that goes to a show just to GO to a show; no worries about you having to abandon your date to go down and see what’s wrong in the box office (tonight my “date” was junior, so that would have actually not been a big deal) and i had to sit back, relax, and enjoy it…kinda like a blowjob, but i had to pay for it…although i guess we all pay for that in one way or another, don’t we?

i paid for my ticket…and full price for my merch…this is how y’all do this? FUCK that…get me back to the shows i can walk in like i own the place and have my shirt HANDED to me by somebody from the tour; y’all’s life kinda sucks in this regard (only kidding….sorta)

the first time i saw tool it was lolapalooza ’97…and i can’t remember if they were tops on the bill, or second…i WANT to say second, with prodigy in the top slot. but at that show, maynard (the vocalist) was up front…clearly in the spot light. and he had breasts. but never mind that now. in san antonio back in november, he was in a long-sleeved black shirt, black pants, a solid painted black face, and his new place was back to the side of the drum riser. the spot light NEVER hit him, and we didn’t even know his face was painted till he came out to take a bow at the end.

tonight, it was just a three inch black stripe that wrapped around from the back of his bald head, over the top, and right down the middle of his face..AND he was in the spot light a lot. and if i didn’t know better, was having a good time. and since i got to help the “pussy pass” guy make a decision or two, unless some rumors i’ve heard are true, i’m sure he’s having an even better time as i’m writing this…and i REALLY need to talk to the people that run security at the shows i work about hiring the cute lil’ redheaded TWINS that work at the erwin center, where thankfully they DIDN’T oversell the floor, so we were all quite comfortable…overall, a GREAT show. and a great way to kick off a WHOLE WEEKEND OFF OF WORK!!!

(cool coincidence that i got a work-free weekend from star tickets to spend copper’s first weekend at home – i miss that girl. from what i can gather online, while this bit was put out in the early hours of the 27th, the show was on the 26th, the day i got copper from the animal shelter after meeting her for the first time a few days before. i’m putting all bits i can find around this time up in the archives…)

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