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i keep clicking my fob when i don’t mean to…

…and i think it finally caught up with me.

my car has been having an odd weekend – the door was saying it wasn’t shut (even though it was), and the next day it kept chiming that the seat belt wasn’t fastened (even though it was) but fortunately it’s only a quarter mile from taco cabana to the shop so that wasn’t terribly brutal.

and finally, it wasn’t detecting the fob so i kept having to pull it out of my pocket and touch it to the steering column.

admittedly, white folk problems.

but now, for the second time in three months, i’ve had to replace the fob battery. there is always a chance i just got a bunk battery last time or something…but i can’t help but wonder if my leg or knife or something just pushes the fob button all the time to where it sends signal and drains the battery? i saved the receipt and shit on this one so i could see how long this bad boy lasts – and if it’s only sixty days or less i will NOT be buying one from our autozone again – it’s an odd size and i think they might have just been sitting on the shelf too long!

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  • Shane Jul 31, 2018 @ 12:30

    And sometimes the fobs just wear out. Happened with my 330i.

  • sean M Jul 31, 2018 @ 23:35

    yeah, but the e46 ones don’t have replaceable batteries – that’s what wears out. this one was good to roll six bucks later, but i’m still surprised it didn’t last longer.

  • Kramer Aug 1, 2018 @ 9:30

    Mercury is Retrograde?

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