twenty-five bee-yucks well spent

it could just bee coincidence…

(yes the “bee” was on purpose)

but i finally broke down and mowed my yard yesterday. i couldn’t take the way it looked anymore. my house is right when you roll into my neighborhood, and i couldn’t take it looking like shitty rental property any more. WHY had it deteriorated to that point? laziness? texas heat? no time to deal with it?

none of the above. it was bees. i have yet another hive in the trim of my house.

and last time i mowed a bee kept getting between my glasses and my eye. when i tried to mow the backyard when we had the last hive i was swarmed and stung 12-15 times on my neck, head, and face. that kind of thing makes an impression on you. this one is on the side of the house closest to the FRONT yard, hence the front yard looking like shit. but enough was enough so i sunk twenty-five bucks to amazon for one of these:

and went at it early – started the mower up about 7:30am. and i don’t know if it was the hour, the outfit, or just the mood of the day but not only did i never get stung i never even saw a fucking bee. lots of these little white butterflies erupting out of our yard, but no bees. hell i didn’t even get buzzed by a mosquito until i was sweeping the sidewalk after (i’d taken off the bee shit by then). and a fly buzzed my ear when i put the dogs out afterwards, but that was it.

overall, not bad.

and i have the suit to do yard work next time – or REALLY go after the hive. we’ll see where this goes.

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