monday media madness…again

when i was at the gym i saw the headline…

…”cohen says he has recording of trump talking about paying off playmate”.

but let’s face it, it doesn’t matter.

to his base, all they here is he fucked a playmate. and that’s cool to them. the circumstances are irrelevant. they wanna fuck a playboy girl, and trump got to, so he’s there hero. he’s the dumb guy’s idea of a smart guy, the poor man’s idea of a rich guy, and the weak man’s version of a powerful guy.

never mind the fact that he’s dumb, a shitty business man, and weak as fuck. his supporters are, by and large, stupider, poorer, and weaker. and he knows it.

that’s why he went all fan boy on putin when he was in the same room with him, then totally backed down when it blew up in his face. now he’s talking tough because there are thousands of miles, not thousands of millimeters, separating the two. i mean reagan and reality weren’t on speaking terms towards the end there, and even as a high school kid i knew it. but he at least stood up to russia and helped bring the berlin wall down. all we got from comrade trump was “i misspoke and said ‘would’ instead of ‘wouldn’t’ – i meant to say, ‘i don’t know why it wouldn’t be russia’ so it was sort of a double negative”.

no, you said what you did because that’s what you meant…until you were told you shouldn’t mean that. but it doesn’t matter…you’re white and male and fucked a playmate. your followers will salivate over everything you say, then chant “lock her up” even though that’ll never happen since…you know…she didn’t break any laws and shit. then they’ll talk about stuff obama did they don’t really understand, but hannity took his tongue out of your ass long enough to tell them what to think (since he’s already gone deep enough in there to taste tomorrow’s breakfast anyway).

so, yeah – present all the treasonous shit you want on trump. he’s not going anywhere. comrade trump is the best president your ruples can buy…and if you doubt me, just keep watching. gotti ain’t got shit on this old man.

(y’all realize trump is older than putin, right?)

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