today MIGHT be “saturday”…

…but a couple days ago i had a “shiturday” – ya know, where everything turns to shit.

it started early when i went to spray the bees with some insectacide that CLAIMS to kill them. it seems to have a knock down factor, but not a knock out factor (kills the one it contacts, the others seem unaffected). went to spray, gust of wind, all over my arm and hand with next to none on them – just enough to stir them up, though. i took off jogging across the yard.

and so we begin our broadcast day.

on the way in i went to call the ufc and the bluetooth acted a fool – couldn’t get anything through it, but the sound wouldn’t come through the phone, either. took fifteen seconds to right itself, just in time for me to hit pound to directly connect. admittedly, this is some white folk problems.

side note, though – if “#” is “pound” wouldn’t “#metoo” mean “pound me too”?

on the way to the gym i realized i had left the leftover pizza i was supposed to bring in for lunch, so i had to buy food while perfectly good pizza sat at home. on the plus side, with all the minor bullshit of the day, i didn’t further injure the leg i’m rehabbing on leg day at the gym – so that’s a plus. when i got to the locker room i went to write all this shit down (realizing i had enough for a list) and saw it was a tattoo artist’s birthday. i do posts on them on our main page to pimp them on their special day, but this time i realized it was the guy who’s work i’d used just the day before, so he was up twice in a row. the ufc pointed out it’s kind of a miracle this hasn’t happened before (we have almost forty working at atomic) but it still kinda fit with the theme of the day. i then went to put in my earbuds and realized i had forgotten to charge them, so i had to listen to the shitty gym music.

and the hits just keep on coming!

i then ran to the burnet shop and all went well, as did lunch, so of course the next stop had to be screwed as i drove all the way up to pflugerville to install software on a computer that wasn’t there. then off to our 183 shop (went one for two on pool, losing to the birthday boy who’s the type to bring his own cue to the table) and then the ufc and i had a tour of my boss’s soon to be sold house (they’d done tons of renovations we hadn’t seen yet) and then a preview of the one their remodeling to move into and off to the house for booze and dinner. all was well…

…for a bit.

for the first time EVER i had quesadillas stick to the pan in a big way, almost destroying one, and then when all was said and done i went to put saran wrap back in the pantry only to knock down the biggest bottle of soy sauce i’d ever seen and POW soy sauce and broken glass EVERYWHERE. the kitchen and laundry room still wreak. shit, after a shower AND a workout i can still smell it on me…

…on the upside, with gypsy’s accident proneness the utility room has smelled a LOT worse than it’s current chinese restaurant vibe. and the nice thing about shitty days? eventually, they end.

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