three maher times?

the plan seemed simple…

…too simple.

shane mentioned that there was a new bill maher hbo special filmed at the brady theater in tulsa, oklahoma. okay, so he just told me it was bill maher in oklahoma – but it was EXTRA sweet that it was at the brady in tulsa because that has the distinction of being one of the few venues in tulsa star tickets sold tickets to back in the day that i never actually got to go inside. shit, i didn’t even know what the inside LOOKED LIKE until this comedy special.

so it was nice to see it.

but damn, it was complicated.

shane mentioned the special and i noticed it was playing the same night he mentioned it at 9pm, so i set the dvr. at ten i went to watch it only to discover that the first SEVENTEEN MINUTES of the time slot were the previous program, so by the time it was starting i damn well knew the end was gone.

no biggie – set the dvr for the next setting, at about three the next morning, and watched other shit.

the next night i went to watch the special and again the first five minutes were the previous show.

“not a thing”, i figured, “probably just miss the end credits and shit”.

what i forgot was stand-up specials with no props or scripts have very, very SHORT fucking credits. so i watched the special and at one hour, mid-joke…

…steeeeee-rike two!

so i looked up the next showing, which was two more days away, and set it to record…but then went back and amended the recording to record a full HOUR after the special was over, and it turns out i missed literally three lines before “thank you tulsa, you’ve been wonderful!”.

fuck it, at least i finally got to hear them.

just can’t believe it took three fucking tries.

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