back to the grill again, the grill again

tomorrow it’s going down…

…or more accurately, being “built up”. or “put together”, if you wanna split hairs.

i’m finally getting a grill back on the porch!

my previous grill (which was made by New Braunfels Smoker Co, which the badging on it indicated was from new braunfels, texas, although the company was actually headquartered out of savannah, georgia, and the grills were made in china!) died a bit over a year ago, which is partially why we don’t do juneteenth bbq’s any more. i was out drinking and dinnering the other night and a buddy saw me and came over to chat, bragging about having his first “white mans’s grill” given to him recently.

white man’s grill (whIt manz gril)(n) – a bar-b-queuing apparatus that utilizes propane gas versus charcoal for incineration.

that’s when i told him if that’s what makes it a “honky grill” than i’d never had one either, ’cause the one i wanted was over four hundred bucks but did both charcoal AND propane:

but it was over four hundred bucks – until i went to show it to joe and realized it was on sale for $370 for july 4th, so i jumped on it and now the 220lb bohemith is sitting in my entry way boxed up. tomorrow we change that. but tomorrow we DO NOT grill, cause we have os’s mma class. but the day after, by god, we grill…

…and not the white man way.

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