a hen by any other name

if you don’t own a business with the words “red” or “hen” in the title be happy…

…be very fucking happy.

i got a little booze in me the other night and decided i wanted to see what all was up on the facebook page for that restaurant that denied SHS dinner the other night because she worked for trump (kinda like a baker did denying biden because he worked with obama and was praised as “a hero” and starting a “tiny revolution” by GOP folks a few years ago, but why we gotta keep bringing up old shit?). i discovered two things:

1. either that restaurant never had a facebook page OR had to take it down because of the insanity.

(addendum – they DO have one, it just doesn’t have the word “restaurant” in it so i didn’t find it while drunk on my phone)


2. trump folks can’t read worth a shit.

there are at least two other “red hen” restaurants and both had shitty ratings and blown up pages. even though the restaurants put out “we are NOT the one in virginia who refused sarah hucabee sanders” people were still blasting them with one star reviews to bring their average down (even though they hadn’t been there, although thankfully those appear to be gone because the 1.8 rating for the one in connecticut (which looks awesome) is now back up to 4.4) and leaving comments like, “i don’t care if you’re “affiliated” with the other restaurant or not, that sort of hatred should NOT be tolerated and i will not go to your establishment!” and such.

kinda ridiculous.

and seeing as how the SCOTUS held up the right of the baker to refuse service, i see this whole country now as basically having this posted:

which as bullheaded and divided as the country seems to be might not be a bad thing.

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