well, this might be an expensive week

last week was the “big purchase” kind of expensive…

…got betty tinted. got a grill on order.

but this week it’s the little things…and they all fucking hit at once.

i don’t remember when i last bought the overpriced razors we (guys) all use for our face. i remember getting a three dollar off coupon in the pack and thinking, “shit – this doesn’t expire till next year” and now it expires in a week, so i guess it’s been at least six months or more?

my head razors are only $15 for a ten pack, or at least they were the last time i got them. no place in lockhart sells them, but most targets do so i can pick em up there. the pack i have i labeled to see how long they lasted me – at the label is “12/17” – but i know that’s not “december of 2017”, but rather “december 17th”…of 2016! that’s fifteen bucks well spent! but add that to the $20 the four or so pack of face razors run and i’m in for $35 on blades this week!

(okay, so only $32 since i still have that coupon)

and then there’s the shampoo. stop laughing. when you work in the tattoo industry one of the things you have a firm grasp of is skin isn’t just skin – it varies per part of your anatomy. and your scalp is no exception…soap doesn’t fly – you need shampoo. it also slicks things up nicely for shaving. when i HAD hair i was a bit of a snob about what i used (no surprise) and tended to get salon-quality shit. shaving my head hasn’t changed that – i bought a liter bottle of avdeda for men sham-pure on their memorial day sale…in 2015. sure, it was sixty bucks – but it lasted over two years. that jives out to only a bit over two bucks a month, which is more than most guys spend on shave gel or cream or whatever the fuck so still come out ahead (plus my dry ass skin doesn’t do with that stuff very well).

add it all up and it’s a solid bill i gotta drop this week.

granted, one that only has to be done every year or two – but to hit all at once is a bit much. good thing it’s payday week!

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