friday flashback about a friday long passed

hey look!

sixteen years ago it was a friday, too!

(okay, so it wasn’t – this was ABOUT my friday, but it still fits today, damn it!)

06/29/2002: “fry day”

well, i suppose the tail end of friday was a preview of things to come, work-wise; so once again, i’ve got to be industrially creative (i.e. make my own work) i DID have quite a bit to do, but found myself with everything pretty much knocked out, and it was only 3:45. for the next two weeks i’ll be tied to our tech support line (i’m thinking of posting the toll-free number on here so you can all call and say, “hi”) while the rest of my department heads off to deal with some dallas technical fun; i get left behind because i am one of the two choices that can single-handedly run the austin office and maintain all the outlets AND keep all venues happy; the other is my boss, who wants to head up and oversee dallas. all fair (as it should be in love, war, and big business, right?) but it still kinda sucks for me. on the upside, i won’t be in the big “D”, and don’t have to try my damnedest to find sitters for the dogs, which is never easy.

then it was off the to the gym (i’m actually finding that if you CAN stick to a normal routine, like three days a week or something, you can get noticeable results both physically AND mentally…although the mentally can also be attributed to a saturday night ritual boozing and fist fulls of happy camper), then dinner and a movie with josh; also becoming a bit of a tradition.

josh showed up without appetite, so he had what i call the taco cabana frat-boy combo….a beer and his cell phone. surprisingly our meal was kristin-call free (did i spell it right this time, josh?) but his family called…they still live at the ancestral estate in longview, texas….and you can tell they just NEED to be family. to start, both his mom and dad, who were sitting next to one another on the front porch at the time, tried to call him from their mutual mobile phones. i suppose with the oldest out of the house, sometime the ‘rents have to be creative with their drinking games…dad got through first; mom had to do a shot (although she WAS beeping in pretty early in he and his dad’s conversation…a close second…but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades and checkbook balancing…at least in my world). the reason i say they NEED to be family is because they all have the same conversation…right after another. first his dad, then his little sister, then his mom. and josh’s side to ALL three conversations went like this…

(actual long-necked dish NOT mentioned)
“with a friend from work”
(this was a good shortening move by josh…if he had said, “sean”, they would have said, “who?”, and he would have had to follow with this line anyway)
(this has to be in ANY phone conversation in texas)
(see above note)
“love you…”

three times in a row…kinda made me miss my family. but not enough to call them. then it was off to the movies to see “mr.deeds” with adam sandler.

now, before i go any further, i just wanna point out that what I think is funny might not be what YOU think is funny. i mean, hell, half the stuff on this page barely makes me smile, let alone makes me laugh or brightens my day; so realize that if i think a movie is “fucking hysterical” as was the case with “undercover brother” (which just HAPPENED to sell out the friday after i reviewed it; even though when i saw it the theater was half empty; then i gave it a good review…coincidence? not bloody likely!!!) but keep in mind, i grew up watching (religiously) harlem nights, house party, and such… a lot of the hip-hopped themed humor i’m going to enjoy more than a lot of my readers, and a lot of subtle “urban” gags i might catch and you might not (for example, the fact that chris katan’s suit (mr. feather in the movie) had the “phat farm” emblem on it for a large part of the movie) so when reading a “review” of mine for a movie, or cd, or whatever, keep in mind that as in-tune with me as some of you may be, we still will occasionally NOT think alike…that’s what makes me me. and you should be thanking god or allah or buddah or the fates or whoever on a daily basis that you’re NOT me. that being said, let’s talk deeds…

first off, it was nice to see lil’ miss “i promise i paid for these” (“these” should be referring to her breasts that have magically increased to rather impressive proportions – but i meant it a shoplifting reference) getting on the screen and looking so much lovelier than any pic i’ve personally seen of her on court tv recently; of course i’m talking about wynonna ryder (although a bit of over acting in a scene or two could have been done without). if you (like i) think that “big daddy” was the LEAST funny of the sandler flicks because while it had it’s moments, it essentially showed us that sandler now realizes that while appealing to the drunken, immature masses can get you dough; getting their GIRLFRIENDS hooked on your goofy as can get you more, then you probably won’t go ape shit over “mr. deeds”.

again, it has it’s moments…take “emilio”, the butler for example. never underestimate the sneakiness. but here’s my view of all the major sandler flicks till now….

billy madison: funny and stupid….but if you’re in the mood for funny and stupid, it’s good shit.

happy gillmore: same as above, but with golf and a hysterical, often quoted cameo with bob barker.

the water boy: now we’ve moved on to football, and the first appearance of him doing a voice that gets on my nerves…still funny and stupid; which is good. and it had henry winkler in it, which was even cooler (although it didn’t seem to “resurrect” his career, did it?) but the love interest (at least in appearance; and to a degree in attitude) reminded me a bit too much of my ex-fiance, and adam’s voice grew pretty tiring pretty quickly. (look at me calling him “adam” like we hang out or something…)

big daddy: we start to see the recurring character actors he hangs out with (not in the first two, but in every one since) and we add the “appeal to the women” element. for the most part, away with the funny and stupid, in with the cute and lovable. sure, it’s not as funny to your buddies; but on the up side, you can rent it on “blockbuster night” with your girl and still possibly get laid later.

little nicky: a return to funny and stupid, a toned down version of cute and lovable, with a metal theme, plenty of gutter humor, and a pre-mtv-sensation cameo by ozzy. i thought from the previews that the voice and face would get on my nerves, and i was right. but it’s still pretty killer. i was proud of the boy, and thought we had a good balance here. it’s the only sandler dvd i currently own.

and then…

mr. deeds: back to cute and cuddly and sweet. minimal frat-boy-drunken-moron humor. cutesy little poem sequences (don’t get me wrong; i AM the type to write poems for women i love; although most of them never get read by anyone but me…so if you’re reading this, and i’ve dated you, who knows…you MIGHT just have had a poem or two written for you and you didn’t even know if you DO go see this and think, “why didn’t anyone ever do this for me?”, realize someone might just have…) but if you thought “big daddy” was sandler’s swan song, then this is a good encore for you..for me, it just made me miss relationships enough to CRAVE purple margaritas. combining that with this being josh’s last full day at star, we have plenty of reason for drunkenness this evening. guess you know where to find me tonight with a purple in my hand, huh?

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