substitute support son

(9:18am) so, here i sit…


not for a ticket on sale. or an auction to close. or any of the things you’d expect. no, i’m sitting here waiting on a possible text. maybe it happens, maybe it doesn’t. correction – it WILL happen, but we’ll see if i get anything going from there.

pretty maddening.

it is not uncommon in the slightest for my generation to be the tech support system for our folks. we are the cusp of the modern technological age, having taken the primitive computer classes in basic and pascal in high school and gone to college when computer degrees were making their way out of the kind of technical colleges that advertised on jerry springer and other daytime television sludge to actual accredited universities.

and sometimes we do it for other people’s folks – but then it’s more for money than the guilt factor payed out by actual relatives.

(9:39am) so here i sit.

i’m looking through ebay for cool deadpool funko pops. and now waiting for gamestop in san marcos to open to see if they have the exclusive one i want, but not enough to pay $40 on ebay for it.

i should be doing tech support right now before i jaunt over to a sports bar in kyle for fifty cent wings and go get my car washed…but instead, here i sit. waiting. the deadline (for all curious) is 10:15…except at that point i get to kill another forty-five minutes and get the boy up at eleven so we can roll to lunch. even my dogs are looking at me like, “yo – don’t you have somewhere to BE?!?”

(9:57am) and here i still sit.

called game stop and they JUST opened a box that has the exclusive i want. the boy ain’t getting up. called my “support customer” and she wants to push till next tuesday (not seeing the significance of the date in my world, i’m guessing).

(10:09am) away i go.

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