flat lining again?

rumors of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated…

…but the redux thing has got to stop.

why does it seem hollywood is running out of ideas? lately, for all the world, it seems like they just keep remaking shit. how many batmen have we had since i graduated high school? or spidermen? and then we’ve got all the prequels, and sequels, some of which have been delayed for decades or so.

and then there’s the flat out re-dos. arthur & the bad news bears & footloose & the nutty professor & flubber & it &…well, you get the idea. i guess box office gold can repeat itself? but what the fuck is up with redoing flatliners?

that was far from box office gold.

oliver platt starts along side kevin bacon, julia roberts, and kieffer sutherland. it’s about med students bringing themselves back from death to try and fix their lives or some such shit. i’ve seen it three times, but it was years ago, and i only recall the movie because it’s my step four in the kevin bacon game.

(i was in johnny be good with anthony michael hall who was in the breakfast club with emilio estevez who was in young guns with keiffer sutherland who was in flatliners with kevin bacon)

why the fuck would anybody else even remember this movie?

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