friday four for fore

so, this is bizarre…

…for a second week in a row, i’ve gone to do the flashback/throwback thing to discover the odd circumstance of having skipped a bit that day back in 2003.

i have two the day after, and one a few days before. i guess back then if i skipped a day i’d make up for it by doubling up whenever i did decide to write again? how the fuck did i keep readership that way?

but then i had another oddity (again, for a second time in a row) – when i dug back further in the archives i ALSO hadn’t done shit on june fifteenth (in my defense the bits on the sixteenth centered around my grandmother’s funeral, which was apparently the fifteenth, so i’ll give myself a mulligan on that one).

so i’m counting that as one lil’ bit. the shit you just read. and i’ll do four little bits in this bit, and then i’m running four toss backs in a row to give myself a week off to rejuvenate and enjoy some family time for juneteenth week.

for the first time since i drove a 98 malibu i have four different brands of tires (fits the theme of today’s bit, eh?). when i got her she had three run flat continentals and an iron man, which i’ve never heard of. one of the back one separated like hell so i swapped for a non-run-flat hankook, and i noticed an odd bald spot on one of the remaining continentals up front and, fearing another “trial separation” i swapped it yesterday for a goodyear run flat. it ran my only sixty bucks, and i scored fifty on a five dollar scratcher on the way home, so it all kinda balances out.

(that’s two)

keep in mind, if you know me for realz you should check your facebook events as i sent you the deats on the second (and probably last) juneteenth trudy’s happy hour. next year i think i’m gonna return to the fajita bbq tradition (a new grill should be procured this month) and i’ll bring it back to the homestead with a much smaller guest list and call it good. or we might do the happy hour again. that’s next year. we still have this year to get through. if you DON’T know me for realz, comment below and i might still send you the info – always curious who actually reads my shit…

(that’s three)

and finally, if you have kids and you’re letting somebody else raise them don’t double down on your loser factor and quit your job so you don’t have to pay child support. all you do is stress out the folks doing your parental job while you fuck off and get high in the woods and crash pre-homeless on your friend’s couch. if you’re old enough to cum, you’re old enough to pay sum, ya dig?

(that’s four – see ya in a bit)

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