doin’ the DM thing – with the wifey this time!

sunday was the first time the ufc got to see depeche mode…

…for me it was the 11th or 12th depending on how you wanna look at things.

(in the middle was the lead vocalists solo tour, but some of the DM backing musicians were with him, so, it was a half? let’s say 11 1/2)

it was a good set with a couple of nice music for the masses tracks i’d either never heard or hadn’t heard since that tour in 1988. i had fun and i’m pretty sure the ufc did as well (even if she only knew three of the twenty songs played).

a few stats:

this was my eleventh time to see them, but the FIFTH in san antonio, making this the city i’ve seen them the most in.

this was the second time i’ve seen them at the at&t center, which i THINK makes it (technically) the third venue i’ve seen them in twice and the first in SA (it was called the SBC center when i saw them in 2007, but it still counts, right?)

they’ve played “never let me down again” every time i’ve seen them, and that is the ONLY track that’s been on every set list

this was the FIRST time they’ve played “i want you now” that i’ve seen (they did it on the last leg of the tour, but on the austin date they played “somebody”)

this was the first time they’ve played “the things you said” in texas since the first time i saw them in may of 1988

and now that i’ve analyzed it to death i’m off to hang with the skatenigs in san marcos!

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