staying out past curfew

i spent the bulk of last night AWAY from the shop…

…which felt weird.

but the first club that felt like a home away from home to me, curfew, did a reunion last night at a club in austin. some of the old staff was there. the original dj flew in from san francisco to spin the night with the tunes we loved. and i saw tons of familiar faces, even if they now had a bit more color, wrinkles, and pounds.

it was a good time with people i hadn’t seen since the mid to early nineties. some even went back to the eighties.

the music was fun, the conversations (for the most part) more benign and domesticated and i dipped out by a bit after 1am. i saw the bulk of people i’d hoped to with few surprise guests and learned what furniture in the club NOT to touch for reasons that weren’t fully explained but were understood (and thanks to the bartender who clued me in).

hopefully reunions with this crew become a more regular thing – i’d hang with them over my high school class bullshit any day!

where you found me most late 80’s weekends

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