sixteen years ago today not much happened (a flashback)

and sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes…

i have N O T H I N G to complain about:

06/01/2002: “just like grandma used to make….or at least, take you to….”

so, since friday was payday, josh and i had decided to go get our drunk on…but since he recently acquired a new position in our company (in my department, no less), he had to work till 9:00 while i was off at 5:00. so, to kill time, i hit the gym (did arms and then found out if you REALLY want me to “feel the burn” on cardio, just put me in front of a tv that has the simpsons on it…i went through the eighteen minute workout, the six minute cool-down, AND went another five minutes into a thirty-minute one the machine just started me on since i didn’t stop), then hit the mall just to wander a bit, and had dinner at luby’s…

ah, luby’s….where they have it all, but there are some menu items i’ve never seen anybody try, like the cheese enchiladas. never mind the fact that all the cooks (and most of the rest of the staff) are always hispanic, there’s something about an entree that should come AFTER you’ve been munching on the free chips and salsa that just doesn’t seem very cafeteria like.

it’s the kind of place (luby’s and furr’s) where you used to go with your grandparents (or still do, if they’re alive), but have you ever gone and really looked at your receipt while you’re eating? (one of the dangers of hitting the one in the mall without hitting a news stand first so you don’t have anything to read) they are SO giving it to you prison-style (no lube) on the prices!!! your entree? $5.99 that salad? another $1.99 some cornbread? $1.29 veggies? $1.59 desert? $2.99 EVERYTHING costs extra, unless you go with some tiny portioned platter with some southern woman’s name (i think it’s the lu ann platter….but what self-respecting GUY will order something called the “lu ann platter”?)

the smaller portions thing might be a good call, though. i have never, ever gone to a cafeteria and not wandered out feeling stuffed. just doesn’t happen. i used to have some friends that liked to hit the luby’s in the mall, and then go shopping. cafeteria THEN walk around? that’s insane!!! cafeteria time NEEDS to be followed by nap time.

why do you think so many old people eat there?

it fits their lifestyle, and at their standard dinner time (4:15 pm) it’s never busy. i think the long line of food is too much of an assault on the senses and your eyes get bigger than your stomach…but to go try and walk a luby’s meal off? that’s just plain foolishness….much like a good drinking binge like me and josh had later that evening, luby’s is something best slept off and forgotten upon waking up.

ah, good friends, good margaritas, and the western conference nba playoffs at every angle we turned, until the game got crucial and people started standing where i couldn’t see (we were in a booth) what the fuck??? but otherwise, does it GET any better than that? we split from the office at 9:00, and hit nothing but green lights from bee caves and 360, all the way through westlake, rolling wood, and zilker till we hit baby a’s on barton…the place where i can get sufficiently “altered” on only two rounds, and the next morning feel fine. throw in good company AND watching the nba on nbc, and i’m damn near a happy camper. (of course, throw the right female into that mix and you can erase the “damn near”)

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