always one layer off

if there’s one thing i’ve learned over the years it’s that WE don’t have problems as human beings…

…it’s those other motherfuckers.

take my wednesday morning, for example. i had to run to san marcos to hit (in this order) wal-mart, washtub, twins liquors, gold’s gym, and the store. but twin’s and gold’s had to be flip-flopped because it was before 10am when i rolled into the parking lot.

welcome to the buckle of the bible belt!

so, i went and worked out, which i was gonna do anyway, but now it had additional purpose – to wait out the liquor store opening. didn’t rush my workout or anything, but was still walking through their doors by 10:15. i was buying hooch before 10:30am.

but does that mean i have a problem? noooooo!

the way i see it, while i was BUYING it before 10:30, i wasn’t DRINKING it yet. THOSE are the motherfuckers with a problem, not me. and what of those folks? guaranteed at least one college student in that town rolled out of bed and poured a drink. guaranfuckingtee it.

and i’m not gonna lie – in vegas or NOLA i have totally been that guy. but them i always think about the triple crown in san marcos (rip). they used to open at 7am and the first ass to hit a bar stool got the first round free. guys would wait outside to literally step all over each other for that free drink. my booze was at my place. those folks drove somewhere.

so THOSE motherfuckers have a problem…not me.

see who that shit works?

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