satellite of love?

ironically, i had to kick my apple music on for background while i wrote this…

…ironic because this is about an alternative to apple music.

i used my apple music a LOT in the phone. i fucking love it. i have access to all the playlists and albums and artists through the screen in my dash and select and go. bmw has code written in the their bluetooth software that allows my phone to run that way for CALLS, but not MUSIC. it comes up on the screen as an option, but won’t let it happen – it’s grayed out. no biggie – there’s a usb plug in the center console so i just plug into that – the sound (in my opinion) is better AND i get to record store geek out on cover art being on the screen (the bluetooth doesn’t do the graphics).

but we both got mail recently from sirius satellite radio saying they’d turned on a three month trial for us and i have to say, so far i’m kinda liking it. i really like the fact i program my apple music and i control what gets played and all that wonderful shit, but every now and again it’s nice to hop in, get the clear sound and commercial free shit of satellite radio. so far i’ve just been doing “first wave” which is the 80’s alternative one, but i’ll hop around and check out some new shit, too. i’ve kinda kept up with new music through magazines i read but one of my main ways (an edm & hiphop show that used to run at 3am on MTV) is gone and my rolling stone subscription lapsed (i need to re-up that) and so, for the time being, i’m kinda liking this…

…now will it still be a good thing come july 10th when it cost me money? we’ll have to see – i don’t even know what it runs!

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