i guess don’t make your protest songs too catchy?

we can learn a lot from the bible…

(don’t worry – this isn’t going anywhere close to where you think it might be)

you know the super repetitive “begat” section? “abraham begat isaac, issac begat samuel, etc, etc”? well, that was the earlier part of the week for me. watching some early twenty-first century show or movie begat a system of a down song on the soundtrack, which begat me realizing while i own all their CD’s they are NOWHERE in my apple music, which begat me grabbing a “essential system of a down” playlist, which begat me listening to it while i worked out, which begat this bit.

(admittedly that was almost as boring as the biblical one)

but while i still enjoy em (and saw them live twice) i realized that their lyrics and message against corporate america and oppression and the lower class being made to fight wars for the profiteers is even MORE fitting today – and things have gotten worse. why? i blame how GOOD the songs are – they have enough drive and beat and just baddassery to have the message get lost (i could day the same about rage against the machine, who’s messages STILL ring eerily true, if you look at this still from a video from the late 90’s):

scary shit, huh?

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