moisture free monday

my car cover is SUPPOSEDLY water proof…

…but i wouldn’t know.

it’s not rubbery, because it’s supposed to breathe, but so far it seems to be waterproof in the sense that it wards off rain completely. i bought it after the new ride took on some water in one of our recent apocalyptic rain storms (but remember kids, climate change is a myth, or so we’re told!). the day after said storm i went to the store and when i rolled home i through my bags on the backseat floor board. i grabbed em at the house and freaked out when one of the bags brushed against my leg and was WET. figuring something was leaking i ran in the house and tossed all the bags in the sink, but the wet one only had tortillas and bread – two things that DON’T leak.

so i went back out and checked the car and it was the floor, more specifically the carpet UNDER the floor mat, which was kind of turned up. the morning of the storm i had my car washed (of course!), so i thought she had leaked in the car wash (hence the moved mat) and they just didn’t want to tell me. so when we got MORE rain, i left her out in the driveway after soaking up most of the water…and the water got WORSE. that’s when i knew we had a problem.

there can be seal issues in the rear door and mine seems to have one. while i need to take the door apart and figure this shit out i have other shit i need to do so as a stop gap (and to combat the car being green with pollen in some instances) i sprung for a car cover. the cheap (under $100) ones got crappy reviews about their hardware scratching the paint, and the OEM one ($200) got great reviews EXCEPT it wasn’t waterproof, so i found this one ($150) and bought it. fits nicely, and handles the dust and pollen well, but as for water? i’m not sure. and why not? because every time i put the cover on the car the rain goes away.


i’ve had four occasions to put it on for rain purposes and three of the four the rain has evaporated out of the forecast. the fourth one i went through SUPER hard rain in austin and it was still raining enough at the house that i couldn’t put the cover on…but the three times i HAVE and rain was forecast, it dissipated completely.

the most recent was thursday night. 40% chance of rain thursday night when i got home, 80% chance friday in the early morning hours…so i put on the cover. woke up to a dry ass car AND a dry ass cover and no rain predicted till i’m driving home when i can’t cover he anyway.

one of these days i’ll see if the cover blocks rain…but this weekend wasn’t it!

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  • Shane Apr 17, 2018 @ 9:33

    I’d check the rubber seals around the door before I took the door apart. I don’t know about price, but I bet they are easier to replace.

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