thinking fast

last night i went and saw a buddy make his improv troupe debut…

…it’s something he’s always wanted to do. he fancies himself the comedic type.

i’ve always had a hard time picturing him that way, at least not in the “stand up comedian” way. but improv seemed to lend itself to his style. it was like watching him do some of his cutting up in the shop with the guys, but with strangers and on a stage in front of 30-40 people.

i don’t know if i could do it.

i pride myself in being fairly quick-witted and thinking fast on my feet…but the “troupe” thing might throw me off, and solo you just end up looking like robin williams in his coked-out days. i’ve always thought about doing stand-up but never pulled the trigger on it. i’ve had some pretty heavy hitters tell me i should (eddie griffin, carlos mencia) but i don’t know if i could do it. it’s fun for me, and it’s something i enjoy, but i gotta be in the mood for it. and when i’m not, i’m really not. those nights would not go well. so it could be a hobby, but not a “gig”. and i don’t really have any time for “hobbies” added to the list. shit, i barely have time to do what i do now and still get adequate downtime to still keep it all together.

so don’t look for me in front of a brick wall with a mic in hand anytime soon. but you can still find my brand of hilarity on here, and there’s no drink minimum or cover. guess y’all win, huh?

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