die, trump, die (well, NOW i’m on a government list)

the title isn’t as ominous as it sounds…

…ya see, i own many websites.

well, many website ADDRESSES. i own (obviously) daphuk.com, as well as astrowhore.org (for sentimental reasons i can’t let anybody else have that). but i also have seanandnikki.net (which was created for our wedding and i just kept it) and astrowhore.com (which kramer gave me recently, although for a while we DIDN’T own it, which almost got me fired from dell, but that’s another story), and then there was daphuktrump.com.

i had high AND low hopes for that one.

but it proved to be too much. with life and work doing a bit every OTHER day can get a bit hectic. but doing a bit EVERY day? that was too much. also, i thought the website would write itself most of the time, as trump was bound to fuck things up on the occasion. i just didn’t realize “the occasion” would be more than once a day. i thought it might be tough to find material, and instead found myself having a problem whittling it down to just one entry a day.

i do this site for fun – that one was almost WORK.

plus, while i don’t have a hit counter on here i at least know a couple of people read it. the trump one? i never set up the spam filter properly on the comments section so while they never made it out for the world to see, i would get multiple cheap viagra and asian dating site comments a day. other than bots, i don’t think anybody ever really glanced at it. i did like some of the headers i did, though:

but other than that after about six months there was just no joy in me for that site. i think the last real bit i did there ended with the line “no matter how hard i try i can’t actually lampoon the current administration worse than what they do to themselves” and time and time again that has proven to be correct. there’s plenty of stuff like this out there:

(you know it’s fake because the “U” in “unveils” isn’t capitalized)

i dont’ feel i need to add to it. so despite all the emails from my hosting company, NO, that sucker ain’t getting renewed…

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