you put the missile on the island and freak that shit out

as most of you know, over this past weekend, this happened…

i had no idea. i found out several hours later from shane posting about sending good vibes to harold & company over the “morning missile scare” or something to that effect. then i read up on it, and it seemed kinda fucked up. but as most things these days, it seems kinda fucked up until details begin to emerge. then it goes from SEEMING kinda fucked up to BEING REALLY fucked up!

the alert went out to every phone on the island causing, for obvious reasons, a good bit of panic. it was caught THREE minutes later (the mistake of sending that out, that is) but the correction wasn’t released until THIRTY-EIGHT minutes later. what the fucking hell? and the original release of the information wasn’t via the same system that EVERYBODY sees, but rather via twitter. shit, i have a twitter account and don’t even remember my password, which is why it never gets updated any more.

and, per usual, nobody’s sure who’s to blame for this. so we blame the software:

the top “false alarm” option has been added SINCE saturday’s little debacle. but it was still a human that selected the wrong fucking option – and they won’t say who (for obvious reasons) although whomever it is, i’m sure the cushy government job is just a thing of the past but they found something with computers and menus and even a star system like the military:

we wish them the best in their new endeavors!

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