it’s hump day – send nudes…to facebook?

yes, you read that headline right…

…not THROUGH facebook, but rather TO facebook.

there’s a pilot program in australia to help crack down on “revenge porn”, that wonderful experience people have where their ex broadcasts out their slutty selfies to get back for being scorned. the images are then digitally “hashed” so they can be detected even if slightly altered and prevented from ever going up in the first place. it all starts with a simple online form, then you send your messages via facebook messenger, and they’re hashed to prevent them from ever going up on the social network…

…here’s what i think is weird:

facebook has pretty high “community standards” whereby they don’t allow even marginally explicit content to be posted. while they get 54,000 complaints a MONTH about revenge porn, most of the images are taken down due to community standards within hours. while plenty of folk could have seen said image in an hour or two (depending on how popular you are on social media) and if you’re like most folks you block your ex so it’s not like it can be posted on YOUR feed, it’ll be on (let’s face it) his, and so only the “friends he got in the divorce” are gonna see it any way, right? and chances are, if you’ve sent your dude pics like that, he’s gotten drunk and showed them to his buddies any way. while facebook says they’ll encrypt the shit out of the files and messenger is bulletproof, most articles agree the best nudes are the ones not taken.

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