slow season be gone!

most industries have their slow period…

…ours usually lasts from just after halloween to just before xmas, but because all the holidays (xmas, new years) fell on mondays in 2017 it seems to have lapped over into the new year.

and i’m over it.

i made less money this weekend than i’ve made the two holiday weekends and with a car payment and double my previous insurance payment that ain’t cool. but hopefully that’s behind us now. i have what i call my “hot mess one hundred”, which is a hundred dollar bill i have stashed for slow-ass weekends or weekends i maybe had to take some time off and so i need to supplement the weekend cash flow. this past weekend might make me have to break the glass (as an expression – it’s not really in glass). new year’s weekend i was cool. same with xmas weekend. shit, the weekend before i took off for a big chunk of saturday for the ufc’s company xmas party and missed all sunday with the mcgathering and i STILL didn’t need to crack that fucker open.

this last weekend, though, i putting it to the test!

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