unrequested valor

i’m car shopping…

…which may, or may not, end up in psychological disaster.

my last two cars have been one shots. i went out. i drove A (as in singular) car. i liked the car. a lot. i bought the car. in one case having it done all in my dad’s name (it was supposed to be co-signed but i filled shit out wrong) and in one case with a big pile of cash. neither of those is an option now, and for the first time i’m trying to do this sans co-signer because i actually don’t have any options in that department, which has be nervous as fuck. but if it goes through, i’ll be happy. test drove one yesterday i’m kind of obsessing on BUT all four tire sensors were lit up as was the check engine light so they’re looking into that before i even start filling out my “pre-approved” financing through capital one…

…i’ll keep ya posted.

my last two cars, and the one i drove yesterday, have all been from the san antonio area. i tend to find better deals and have had great luck with vehicles from there (in truth this bmw is at a dealership in the same “family” as my last one). it’s been a while, but today i had the same conversation i’ve had in san antonio countless times when people take the time, sweet as they are, to come up and “thank me for my service”…

…and i get to explain to them i am NOT a veteran, i simply shave my head and wear camo.

this elicits different responses, the most common being a slightly sarcastic, “well, you don’t have to be a dick about it” looks. i’m not trying to be an asshole, i just don’t wanna take credit for doing something i didn’t (and wouldn’t). there are plenty of people out there guilty of “stolen valor”. it’s a thing. look it up. it’s when somebody claims a military history they don’t have in order to get the perks – cheaper meals, discounts on dry cleaning, even a place in a parade.

i’m not that guy.

while i DO support our troops, i DON’T support this for-profit “war” we’re in that’s just made to line pockets and give the illusion of spreading freedom and democracy. it just spreads capitalism and as long as there it money to be made the war profiteers will manufacture and enemy and a cause so they can keep manufacturing everything else to sell over there. period. if you think it’s anything else you’ve bought into the biggest lies of the last century.

but never mind that now.

i’m not a vet, and i’ll happily own that. just don’t get upset when i correct you – be upset if i didn’t.

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